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Azuma’s history
stretches back 115 years.

In 1902, Moritaro Sada I opened Moritaya,
a traveler’s lodge, in Arioka.
A restaurant was opened at the lodge in 1922,
and in 1934, the Nakamura location opened.

Our Food

Shimanto Banquet

from ¥11,000(tax incld)

(Seared bonito, aosanori seaweed and river shrimp tempura, mackerel, eel, whale sukiyaki, etc.)

Seasonal Banquet

¥5,500 - ¥11,000(tax incld)

(incorporating generous amounts of seasonal ingredients)

Party Course

¥5,500 - ¥8,800(tax incld)

(approx. 2 hours)


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Photo Gallery

The Seasonal Foods of Shimanto
Seasonal flavors crafted by the keen senses and skills of our chef
Relax as you gaze out on the garden

Greetings from the Proprietress

the Proprietress photo

Chisato Sada,
Fifth Proprietress

A Town Living in Harmony with the River

Shimanto City is located among the great outdoors, with abundant woodland resources and the Shimanto River, the last clean flowing river in Japan. In 1902, Moritaro Sada I opened a traveler’s lodge and later converted this into a restaurant, and my husband and I are the fifth generation to inherit the business. I have taken it upon myself to pass both Azuma and Shimanto City on to the next generation, and I strive to enable customers to enjoy their time here with joy. Please enjoy dynamic Sawachi Ryori, fresh fish and vegetables, and local drinks that can only be enjoyed here in Shimanto, Kochi.

I sincerely hope that I will be able to enjoy Bekuhai, A Kochi tradition, with all my guests.

Interior view of the Ryotei Azuma

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